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Veronica Mars Picspam and Summary

Okay, because we can never get enough,

thanks to @WBPictures for that.

Cock blockers!

Okay, on that note, lets start with a panty exploder:

See what I meant? EXPLOSION!

It all started back at Neptune high…

when V fell in love with Duncan…

and then Duncan realized that V might be his sister, so he called it off.  Soon he met Meg…

So V eventually met Leo. What a charmer he was.

Life with Deputy Leo went well for V for awhile until,

Enter Logan.

Logan was the bad boy V never wanted, but wanted 😉 So she broke it off with Dep. Leo and secretly dated Logan, until this happened…

Life was grand for a summer. 😦

V broke it off with Logan because of his dealings with the PCH’ers.


And… got back with Duncan.  and helped Duncan leave the country with his illegitimate child with Meg (who died in the infamous bus crash)

Story made short…. Duncan was gone and V was alone….again.


The non-prom party when Logan made his famous “Epic Love” speech.

Again life was fabulous for awhile. (Poor V, trouble follows her)

Logan eventually breaks up with V saying she wont let him protect her.  That episode can bring tears…beware folks!

Enter Piz


Ahhh. Piz. What a sweet heart, just no Logan Echolls.  He took care of V and did all the right “boyfriend” things, but it Was Logan who defended her after the sex tape ordeal.


Damn it all to hell!





Still having trouble coping with the cliffie of Season 3 Veronica Mars?

Have you checked out any Veronica Mars Fan Fiction?  If not, its worth a try.  I plan on reading some myself.  I need some closure.