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Why we NEED a Veronica Mars Movie

Okay WB,

We truly love you and all that you do,


We need to complete this series. It literally pains me to not know how it all ends.  There were so many cliffhangers.

The very most important cliffhanger?

Logan and Veronica?


Piz and Veronica?

Inquiring minds need to know!

I personally have watched the series several times.  I am sure many other fans can say the same. I keep watching it because there is no closure.


This is my reaction to their being no movie.

and just for fun, I’ll add my favorite Vernonica Mars gif of all time:

Oh Kristen, you are too friggin cute! You make me all

Thank you everyone.  Please leave a comment if you also want a Veronica Mars movie to be made.



Still having trouble coping with the cliffie of Season 3 Veronica Mars?

Have you checked out any Veronica Mars Fan Fiction?  If not, its worth a try.  I plan on reading some myself.  I need some closure.