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Veronica Mars Movie Tweetathon

We are trying again.  WB just doesnt understand how we need to just add some closure to this series.  We are doing a tweetathon today.  All Veronica Mars and/or Kristen Bell fans are asked to join in.


Just tweet #VeronicaMarsMovie as often as possible. Remember only once per tweet or Twitter marks it as spam….

Make it happen guys…. we need this…. Make it a trending topic on Twitter!

Even Ryan Devlin is participating!


Don’t leave me this way: Tears in TV’s cancellation graveyard

Heroes was huge, possibly the biggest TV hit since Lost; yet only three seasons later it would be cancelled despite a vastly improved final season”

NBC's Heroes

While perhaps not surprising given the quality plummet in season 2 and 3, it is still a little hard to believe that NBC has actually cancelled Heroes. Remember in season 1 when it was pretty much taking over the world and has its eyes on galactic dominance? It was huge, possibly the biggest TV hit since Lost, yet only three seasons later it would be cancelled despite a vastly improved final season. Unfortunately for Heroes, it was just too little too late, and season 4 actually did a good job or redeeming the series from the cesspool it had become, but it became apparent all too quickly how the show would descend into mediocrity again once season 5 had been renewed – but that never happened. The cliff-hanger of Claire exposing her ability to the mass media and therefore the world would have had certain repercussions, but really, would it have lead to anything we hadn’t seen before? It seems doubtful.

FlashForward meanwhile was a show that lost me around mid-season with it’s endless list of characters and boring protagonists. Seriously did anyone actually like Joseph Fiennes in that show? A classic example of bad casting – if they’d got the right man for the job, I might have just stuck around, but between his shouting and general douche-bag behaviour, I just couldn’t stomach it anymore. From what I’ve heard from others who persevered, things did improve and were given a huge boost by the guest appearance of James Callis as a Rainman-esque brainbox. Ultimately though, neither this nor anything else could stop ABC from cancelling the show they so desperately wanted to make the next Lost.

Kristen Bell - 'Veronica Mars'

And let us not forget Veronica Mars, the star-making vehicle for Kristen Bell. To this day, Bell asserts that if she had the funds to do it, she would fund a Veronicas Mars movie herself. That’s some devotion.

Amid this graveyard of cancelled TV shows past present and future, is there a common thread to be found? As far as I can tell, the answer is decidedly no. Different problems plague different productions. For Deadwood and Rome, it was the cost of producing the show balanced against the ratings and the sales figures. For Heroes, it was a decline in ratings due to shockingly poor writing at a crucial point in the show’s history. For Veronica Mars, it was simply that the show appealed to a select, dedicated audience, but with its extensive geek in-jokes and winks, it would have been extremely difficult for it to break into the mainstream. FlashForward, plain and simply, suffered from ludicrous expectations, but the bottom line is ABC have no one to blame but themselves. Pitching a show as the next big thing before it even airs is a hell of a standard to set yourself and it was therefore inevitable that FlashForward collapsed under its own weight.


‘Veronica Mars’ movie: Closer to reality?

November 10th, 2010
02:04 PM ET

Not long after teen mystery series “Veronica Mars” was canceled by the CW back in 2007, the talk of a possible movie version began (especially since the last episode didn’t resolve much of anything.

The show’s star, Kristen Bell, has kept busy on the big and small screen, but she (and creator Rob Thomas) has made no secret of the fact that she would love to do a movie, tweeting her followers to bombard Warner Bros. Pictures with messages to give it the green light.

This has not gone unnoticed by the studio (which is owned by Time Warner, the owner of CNN), and last Friday they tweeted their followers to “send your film requests and petitions to VeronicaMarsMovie@warnerbros.com.”


Well, an official e-mail address is certainly a start, but the track record of success for low-rated TV series-turned-movies is spotty at best (“Serenity,” despite great reviews, was no “Star Trek” at the box office – and despite its ’90s popularity, the latest “X-Files” film was a flop).

So, whether this officially-endorsed e-mail campaign will be a success remains to be seen. At this point, it’s all up to the fans.

Would you see a “Veronica Mars” movie? Do you plan to send an e-mail petition?


The Hopeless (Yet Admirable) Veronica Mars Film Campaign: A Movieline Timeline

The Hopeless (Yet Admirable) Veronica Mars Film Campaign: A Movieline Timeline

Leader image for The Hopeless (Yet Admirable) Veronica Mars Film Campaign: A Movieline TimelineIt is a truth universally acknowledged among die hard Veronica Mars fans that every time one ‘09er comes to terms with the fact that Neptune’s favorite female super sleuth — immortalized by  Kristen Bell — will have to settle for solving crimes in the television afterlife, another hopeless ‘09er tries to rally the fans to plead with Warner Bros. one more time for Veronica’s silver screen adaptation. It’s a nasty, hand-biting cycle for Kristen Bell and the 70,000 or so dedicated VM fans…that veered wildly off course today when Warner Bros. — the party responsible for keeping Veronica from her feature film debut all of these years — finally agreed to set up an official petition line. Rather than get our hopes up (again), Movieline reviews the Veronica Mars Film Campaign Timeline and makes an educated decision about whether this latest development is worth any more hope.

June 2007 — The CW Officially Canceled Veronica Mars
After three seasons on the air, the network finally  pulled the plug on its Kristen Bell sleuth series after fans waited six months for the official decision. At the time, creator Rob Thomas mentioned that he was interested in adapting Veronica Mars into a feature film.

September 2008 — Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell Reportedly Meet to Discuss a Veronica Mars Film Plot
While spearheading another Cupid remake, Thomas and Bell hashed out an arc for Neptune’s heroine that would place her in the middle of a large-scale college crime — rather than an FBI scenario, that had previously been batted around in a Veronica Mars season three DVD bonus feature.

September 2008 — Enrico Colantoni Reveals That He Would Be Willing to Participate in a Veronica Mars Film: This Surprises No One
During a slow news cycle, EW reported that the actor responsible for playing Veronica’s father, Enrico Colantoni, was open to the project. “Cult shows have translated well into the film arena. Nothing’s official, but they’re talking about it,” he added.

January 2009 — Rob Thomas Declares That Veronica Mars Is His Next Priority – Hints That Joel Silver Will Green-Light the Film
During 2009’s Television Critics Association press event, critics bulldozed Rob Thomas’ Cupid panel to ask him questions about returning to Neptune. “For me, that’s the next project [after Cupid],” Thomas said. “But my writing it is really just half the battle. Somebody has to pay for it.” Later in the panel, he indicated that Joel Silver was on board.

February 2009 — Joel Silver Does Not Green-Light the Film
Veronica Mars fans are crushed.

June 2009 — Kristen Bell Announces That She Does “Not Think Film Will Ever Happen”
The actress told EW two summers ago: “I don’t think it will ever happen, and here’s why: [Series creator] Rob Thomas and I had a powwow, and we were both 100 percent on board. We took our proposal to Warner Bros. and Joel Silver told us that there is no enthusiasm [there] to make a Veronica Mars movie, and that is unfortunately a roadblock we cannot compete with.”

January 2010 — Rob Thomas Agrees That the Film “Is Not Happening” In No Uncertain Terms
At the next year’s Television Critics Association press event, Rob Thomas flat-out said, “No” when asked about the project. “I would write it if anyone would finance it. If anyone’s interested in making that movie I am available, Kristen’s [Bell] available. I would love to do it. I think the closest we came was Joel [Silver] pushing it at Warner Bros. and they didn’t bite. It has sort of gone away.” Furthermore, Thomas added that in spite of previous rumors, there has never been a Veronica Mars feature film script, although he would be willing to write one.

April 2010 — In Spite of Previous Statement, Rob Thomas Says That the Film is “Not Dead”
Sigh. The Party Down creator told recent MMC addition and loyal Veronica Mars supporter Michael Ausiello that “It’s not dead. I continue to want to do it. It’s funny, because the rumors go around and around.

June 2010 — Joel Silver Disagrees, Says the Film Is Most Certainly Dead
“We analyzed all these areas about it,” said the Warner Bros. producer. “I talked to the home video people, because a movie like that would be driven by video. The [season DVDs] didn’t do that well… So they didn’t feel there was a need or an audience.”

September 2010 — Kristen Bell Miraculously Regains Hope in the Project, Calls For Veronica Fans To Unite For Twitter Campaign
The actress tweeted in early autumn the following: “Mars fans – can we bug @wbpictures & tell em the must do a VM film?? New tactic. Bombard em w/tweets, there’s evidence of fans they can’t ignore. […] #veronicamars fans send petitions & any obsessive behaior (sic) u have 2 @wbpictures & demand the film. they c no audience 4 it? i beg 2 differ. […] WB says their research shows the movie wont have an audience. i disagree. currently figuring out how to show them.”

September 2010 — Kristen Bell Threatens to Fund Veronica Mars Film
It was an empty threat, but a threat nonetheless. Completely aware of the fact that she could not legally because Warner Bros. owns the rights to the franchise, the actress told THR this fall that she would totally fund the film if she could. “So my duty, because I wanted this movie made from the minute our show got canceled, is to a) do it before I’m 40; and b) to prove to Warner Bros. that there is an audience.”

September 2010 (Moments Later) — Kristen Bell Threatens to Fund a Veronica Mars Web Series
And what if that film never pans out, countered THR. “I would be down with doing a Web series,” consented Bell. “I think, and I don’t speak for anyone else but myself, but I think that they want it grand because it is deserving of being on the big screen.”

October 2010 — Movieline Calls For Warner Bros. to Officially Retire the Veronica Mars Franchise, Put Fans Out of Their Misery
“Apologies to Kristen Bell, but every time I read about the Veronica Mars movie, a little part of me dies,” wrote Christopher Rosen of Movieline. And most of us Veronica Mars fans agreed.

November 2010 — Warner Bros. Sets Up Official Petition Email For Veronica Mars Film
In an under-the-radar Twitter announcement last Friday, Warner Bros. announced “Thanks for all of the Veronica Mars LoVe! Please send your film requests and petitions to VeronicaMarsMovie@warnerbros.com.”

Conclusion From the Above Timeline: Thanks for giving the Veronica Mars Movie an actual email address but, no, this still means nothing. And it would probably be healthiest for all of us Neptune ‘09ers, as much as it pains me to say it, just…move…on.


WB Sets Up Email For Veronica Mars Film Petitions

WB Sets Up Email For Veronica Mars Film Petitions

Published: 2010-11-09 07:35:46

WB Sets Up Email For Veronica Mars Film Petitions Ah, the petition; the most time honored tradition of getting many voices heard by putting signatures on paper and sticking said paper in front of somebody important. This time around, however, the someone important is providing the paper and practically begging for the sigs.

Mega-studio Warner Bros. has announced via their Twitter that they’ve set up an email to act as a catch-all for every request for a Veronica Mars movie. This could mean one of two things: first, it could mean that WB is simply tired of getting these emails and are tricking fans into sending requests for the film to this new address so they can more easily manage their inbox; or two, they’re genuinely interested in putting out a film about the high school super sleuth and are gauging interest from the outside world.

Unfortunately for this production, cash-fountain Miley Cyrus has just signed on to star in So Undercover about a “tough, street smart” kid who gets hired by the FBI to help solve a case. As a rough comparison, this is pretty much how Veronica Mars operates, although she’d now be in her 20s. So Undercover is slated for next year so all Veronica Mars fans, PLEASE send your request for a big screen adaptation to VeronicaMarsMovie@warnerbros.com ASAP and get this thing rolling before it’s too late. And seriously, who doesn’t love a little Kristen Bell? Here’s the full tweet from WB:

Thanks for all of the Veronica Mars Love! Please send your film requests and petitions to VeronicaMarsMovie@warnerbros.com.


You heard it from the horse’s mouth

Veronica Mars Picspam and Summary

Okay, because we can never get enough,

thanks to @WBPictures for that.

Cock blockers!

Okay, on that note, lets start with a panty exploder:

See what I meant? EXPLOSION!

It all started back at Neptune high…

when V fell in love with Duncan…

and then Duncan realized that V might be his sister, so he called it off.  Soon he met Meg…

So V eventually met Leo. What a charmer he was.

Life with Deputy Leo went well for V for awhile until,

Enter Logan.

Logan was the bad boy V never wanted, but wanted 😉 So she broke it off with Dep. Leo and secretly dated Logan, until this happened…

Life was grand for a summer. 😦

V broke it off with Logan because of his dealings with the PCH’ers.


And… got back with Duncan.  and helped Duncan leave the country with his illegitimate child with Meg (who died in the infamous bus crash)

Story made short…. Duncan was gone and V was alone….again.


The non-prom party when Logan made his famous “Epic Love” speech.

Again life was fabulous for awhile. (Poor V, trouble follows her)

Logan eventually breaks up with V saying she wont let him protect her.  That episode can bring tears…beware folks!

Enter Piz


Ahhh. Piz. What a sweet heart, just no Logan Echolls.  He took care of V and did all the right “boyfriend” things, but it Was Logan who defended her after the sex tape ordeal.


Damn it all to hell!