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Kristen Bell Is A Low-Maintenance Bride

Kristen Bell Is A Low-Maintenance Bride

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Ever since Veronica Mars, we’ve had a soft  spot for Kristen Bell, to the point where we even forgive her when she makes crap like When In Rome. She just seems like a fun person to hang out with, and in a recent interview, she proves she’s pretty down-to-earth too. Bell is engaged to Dax Shepard and says that when it comes time for their big day, their plan is to keep it low-key and private.

Bell has no plans to have a huge, lavish wedding and explained “I get enough attention as it is on a daily basis from being in this business. I’m not craving that idea of, ‘I want to be a princess for the day’. I think I get enough of that. I see enough pictures of myself.” It’s nice to hear that once in a while, especially in the age where so often, people sell their wedding photos for millions. Speaking of selling out , she has said in the past “We’re not interested in making a spectacle out of something we think is lovely…[We] keep a very low profile. We’re all the more private because people are interested and we really don’t think they should be.” After starring in Burlesque with Cher and Christina Aguilera, it’s possible Bell has become very familiar with the word “spectacle” and is just trying to compensate for that experience.



Her cute dogs….

How Kristen Bell Spends Her Nights In

Kristen Bell

Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage.com

How A-Listers Spend Their Nights In

Kristen Bell

Inside of going out to party, the You Again star brings the party to her house. “Our idea of an exciting night is cooking dinner for friends and playing board games. It may sound nerdy, but it’s fun,” she says of life with fiancé Dax Shepard.


Kristen Bell flips off the camera

You have got to love her.

For her snark, cuteness, and her sass.

Okay… in all fairness, the gif is deceiving.  Watch the clip too.


Dax Shepard Opens Up About Kristen Bell

Dax Shepard Opens Up About Kristen Bell
Posted by Chad Webb on 10.20.2010

Dax dishes on his relationship with Kristen Bell

Dax Shepard recently talked a bit about his relationship with fiancee Kristen Bell. Check out the highlights:

Settling down with Kristen: “I’m not 21-years-old in college. I’m 35. If I’m not ready now, then I have to give up on the whole concept. I’ve had plenty of good times and have settled peacefully into quite a boring existence that I love. I had enough fireworks and chaos. It is a blissful boring life, believe me. We’re just both homebodies and we are having as much fun in our house as I ever had outside on the town.”

On what’s important for him in their relationship: “Being truthful is a necessity because when I’m not being truthful it takes a toll on me. I don’t have any room for it in my life. I don’t have an across-the-board opinion on honesty in relationships. But for me, personally, it’s paramount.”

Measuring Kristen’s love: “My gauge is how present the other person is. I think for me, that’s the number one thing. Kristen is incredibly present with me in a very hectic life. I’m always flattered by that.”


Kristen Bell’s Veggie Burger