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Kristen Bell shares her home with rescue dogs

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell shares her home with rescue dogs Shakey, Lola and Sadie, and has been an animal-lover and activist all of her life. The Veronica Mars actress recently launched a fund-raising campaign through Crowdrise.com (a social network for fund-raising created by actor Edward Norton) to help pets with special needs through the Humane Society.

Kristen has experience caring for pets with special needs. Sadie, rescued from the wreckage caused by Hurricane Katrina, required surgery to reroute her right ear canal through her neck. On her Crowdrise page, Kristen tells the story of how Sadie inspired her to turn her attention to special needs pets:

“I ended up on this Special Needs crusade about 5 years ago because of a beautiful ole girl named Sadie. Sadie melts my heart with every look, lick, and lovable breath she breathes. It’s a simple fact of life.

“The story goes like this: I was doing volunteer work in 2005 at the Helen Woodward Center (a California animal center) during a Halloween benefit, and they had just brought in 200 rescued dogs from Hurricane Katrina. The first dog I spotted (I mean really spotted) was Sadie. Oh, she was just this bundle of goodness…sweet…shy…affectionate…but clearly in need of extra special care.”




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