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Interview with Kristen re: ‘You Again’

The petite and charming Kristen Bell whom we interviewed for the movie, “You Again” revealed to us that she really enjoyed her high school days because she felt “I had no responsibilities.”

Kristen said, “I did a lot of theater in high school which I loved. Being on stage for me in high school was facing that fear of standing up on a stage and being judged by people. Obviously, I am still seeking an adrenalin rush today. I did have a really good time. I went to a very small parochial school in Michigan and there was no cliché bully. So a lot of people did get along well and high school is just fun because you did not have any responsibility.”

“You are just forming who you are as an adult,” she continued. “I am still close to my high school friends and I recently reread all my notes from high school because I just turned 30 and my best friend brought a bunch of notes to me that I had written her. They were just horrible notes on who we should date. I had notes like, ‘We should date Jim because he smells good’ or ‘We should date Rob because he’s got a car.’ I definitely was a late bloomer. I had not even had my first kiss by the time I was writing out who we should be marrying.”

Directed by Andy Fickman, “You Again” is about a young woman, Marni (Kristen), who discovers that her brother is about to marry Joanna (Odette Yustman), her high school rival. She sets out to expose the fiancee’s true colors and the plot thickens when Marni’s mother Gail (Jamie Lee Curtis) meets up with Joanna’s aunt Ramona (Sigourney Weaver) who was also former high school rivals.

Asked where she gets her positive energy, Kristen replied, “Green tea, my friend! I’m a caffeine junkie so I like my caffeination. I try to do it in a healthy way because I do read a lot about what’s good for me and green tea I’ve found is the best way to do it. I am also happier when I keep a positive attitude. If I let myself take on a negative attitude, it would be a very quick spiral downward and I would lock myself in my bedroom. So every morning when I wake up, I make a decision to not let things affect me and that I am going to stay positive regardless because that’s the choice I am making. I refuse to let things get to me because it’s a slippery slope.”



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