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Who would you like to see cast in the new Charlie’s Angels series?

Drew Barrymore, one of Charlie‘s Angels second generation angels, sits behind the camera, producing television’s third version of the 70’s series. The new show will start production in January 2011, will film in Miami and the pilot episode will premiere on ABC.

Many people have speculated that Gossip Girl star, Blake Lively, and former Transformers damsel, Megan Fox, are in high consideration to star in the series. This raises the question, if Blake and Megan are cast, what actress should be brought in for the third angel?

Blake Lively’s schedule for Gossip Girl might interfere with her being considered for a part in Charlie’s Angels. Lively might be considering more movie roles than television since the success of The Town. Fox may be up for the part since her movie career has been on the low since quiting Transformers and Jennifer’s Body and Jonah Hex failed.

Some say Miley Cyrus could easily fill the role since her long running tween series on Disney, Hannah Montana, is coming to an end later this year. TV Squad created their own Charlie’s Angels dream cast and had Gabrielle Union as Kate, Kristen Bell as Abby, America Ferrera as Marisa, Kelsey Grammer as Charlie, and, James Wolk as Bosley. Who would you like to see cast in the new Charlie’s Angels series?



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